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Our Mission

The mission of the Muslim Alliance for Black Lives (MABL) is to be a conduit for human, material, and emotional support for Muslim mosques, organizations, and initiatives that serve predominately African American and inner-city communities by connecting and building relationships across traditional socio-economic barriers.

MABL is an initiative of the Islamic Circle of North America Council for Social Justice (ICNA CSJ).

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Key Objectives

key objectives and areas of work

Social Justice

Addressing relevant social justice issues that directly impact the neighborhoods served.

Key Objective

Educational Outreach

To provide educational sessions and resources to help dismantle racism, bridge the divide in our communities, and empower the members of the community.

Key Objective


To facilitate material and financial resources for groups serving predominantly African American and inner-city constituencies, which will will assist to empower the communities in a self-sustainable manner.

Key Objective

Human Resource Facilitation

To assist in developing and/or expanding programs which directly impact individuals and institutions, which will will assist to empower communities in a self-sustainable manner.

Key Objective

Relationship and Coalition Building

To identify and establish relationships with Muslim and non-Muslim organizations that serve predominately African American populations, particularly in urban communities to determine areas of need. The local, national, and local groups may be religious, social justice, social service, or educational in nature.

Key Objective

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